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Custom Instagram Sticker “your text here”



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Enter your custom IG name here.

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Product Description

Customize your own Instagram username in a sticker and show off your ride!

Most stickers will run 8″ long and the ones with longer usernames will run a maximum 11″ wide.

If you enter your text in all lower case letters you will get lower case.

If you do all caps you will get all caps.

If you want the @ symbol please include it with your text.

Want it cheaper?
Buy 2 or more in the same color and save 10%!
Discount shown in the cart, cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Need it in another size? Have another sticker idea? Email us info@shaysstickershop.com and we will get you taken care of.

Additional Information

Select a vinyl color

Black – 070, White – 010, Gold (metallic) – 091, Copper (metallic) – 092, Silver (Metallic)-090, Red – 031, Blue, Azure – 052, Green – 064, Yellow, Brimstone – 025, Mint – 055, Violet – 040, Orange, Pastel – 035, Turquoise – 054, Pink – 041, Gray Dark – 073, Blue, Light – 053, Gray – 071, Pink, Soft – 045, Purple- 404, Yellow, Signal – 019, Matte Black – 070m, Matte White – 010m


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