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# Remember The Buster Paul Walker Sticker



Product Description

#Remember The Buster Paul Walker Sticker

Represent your cars inspiration with this Remember The Buster Sticker in remembrance of Paul Walker.

Size: 1″ Tall by 10″ wide.

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Additional Information

Select a vinyl color

Black – 070, White – 010, Gold (metallic) – 091, Copper (metallic) – 092, Silver (Metallic)-090, Red – 031, Blue, Azure – 052, Green – 064, Yellow, Brimstone – 025, Mint – 055, Violet – 040, Orange, Pastel – 035, Turquoise – 054, Pink – 041, Gray Dark – 073, Blue, Light – 053, Gray – 071, Pink, Soft – 045, Purple- 404, Yellow, Signal – 019, Matte Black – 070m, Matte White – 010m


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